Clayton "Silent Crow"

From an early age I have been sensitive to the distress of others, empathising in their struggle to deal with their pain and live a more peaceful life. This empathy was a reflection of my early childhood, troubled as it was I felt that there was an answer for me out there, but I had to look for it , so began my searching for answers to create a better life and free myself of the pain and create a happier life for myself. I learnt to go inwards to protect myself from all that was going on around me, isolating myself for long periods and discovering meditation to relieve the hurt or take me to another realm. It was how I survived but as I look back at what was occurring, it is clear that my connection to Spirit and my Higher Self were already being formed. It was the start of me looking for my Truth and how to recognise it when it appeared. I did many things, experiencing the teachings, living intensely and practising the philosophies of each discipline but eventually I would leave, either frustrated with my rate of progress or, what I realised later in life, I was unwilling to look within myself for the answer and do the hard work with the help of my teacher. So I would continue this pattern in my life.

I took up Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) when I was 14 years old. I loved the physicality of the discipline and the philosophy of peace, to be able to walk away from confrontation if possible. There was an element of looking inside, which I embraced but if I was honest, I didn't fully appreciate the full meaning of it. For me the physicality gave me a peace from my Mind, the constant thinking, but I still hadn't connected the dots. As I was a lot younger than the men at the gym, I am grateful to my teacher for protecting me from being hurt but being strong enough to believe and allow me to train and practise with older men.

By 19 years, I had stopped going to Tae Kwon Do, and after a short break, I began practising Tai Chi. I loved the slow movements and the feeling I felt in my body, doing the movements slowly with balance. But even more interesting, was how I felt during and especially afterwards, the inner peace that came over me within my body and mind, that I had forgotten how good it felt.

At 22, I went overseas which became a coming of age for me, where I grew up and learnt how to be comfortable on my own, to put myself forward, to open myself to the possibilities of life. Everytime I did this I would experience people coming into my life or something happening that would leave an impression with me or improve my travels. People's generosity is amazing, you just have to be brave and reach out, present your true self and people will recognise that fact, and react to your honesty. The number of times this happened confirmed to me that it wasn't just coincidence, but people recognising my Truth and responding. I would like to thank those people who have come into my life during this time, their generosity in so many levels that formed those 10 years overseas. No matter where I lived it was the same, people always acknowledged the Truth, whether that was in England, Switzerland, Greece or Spain, it always was the same response of generosity.

On reflection,I have always been seeking the "Truth", but it has only been the last 20 years that I have been consistently searching for guidance and wisdom from whoever came into my life and enriched me with a life lesson. As mentioned I have studied Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, as well as Falun Gong (members are being persecuted in China), Sananda Mystery School (a circle of like-minded spiritual people), Shamanism( 8 years experience with Ty Walking Deer) and completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage including Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Deep Tissue Massage and now I offer shamanic healings, shamanic drum meditations for those that need help to find their Truth.

To all my teachers that came into my Path, I thank you and offer my gratitude for your generosity and guidance, in helping me look within myself for the answers and to allowing me to connect to my Higher Self, to have my interests at heart no matter the pain or challenges asked of me. Any wise man will tell you that the answer is always found by going within oneself, there is no other way. As I did when I was younger, I looked to others for the answer but I realised that a good teacher will allow you to find your way with his guidance, but it is you that must do it. In this way you have ownership of what you experience, it is what only you have experienced, it is your journey and only yours. Each of us has a different Path to find our Truth.

Each discipline offered a way to look within, to embrace and include a spiritual connection which answered all the searching that I had done over the years. Once felt, the peace within is overpowering and sweeps you into meditating more often to experience further " the calm within". This is what I would like all who seek the "Truth" to experience, too. I believe everyone has the same inner ability to connect with their Higher Consciousness, it is that we have forgotten how to connect with Spirit and grown away from what is essential in our being.

Of course, with this disconnect it has brought confusion in our position in the Universe and a seeking for a more spiritual balance, creating dis-ease and a unbalanced lifestyle.

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