The Secret to Becoming the New You Right Now

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 4:45 PM

Take a look at your life, the things you like and the things you don’t like about your current reality. Do you want to change your entire life? Sometimes we feel stuck and we just need a little shift in perspective to begin to change our reality into something we are excited to experience.


Bp39zN1IEAAuDlWTo do this we need to change something. If you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results then you are experiencing the definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein. So what is it that we need to change?


Often the answer to life’s questions are contained in their opposites. What I mean by that is you have to shift your focus from what you have always done and look at the opposite action. If you keep doing what you are doing then you will keep getting what you are getting in life.


to-be-self-aware-1-inner-beauty-makeupChanging your thinking will work its way down into changing your life but in order to change your thinking often you have to open your mind to new ideas and concepts that are so far outside of your typical reality that they may seem strange or uncomfortable.


Being uncomfortable or feeling awkward is often the result of bouncing up against one of the walls of your mental boxes. We want to grow, expand our awareness, achieve our dreams and become more spiritual but in order to do this we have to redefine and remove our mental boxes.


So as a practice, tell your inner voice to listen to what I am about to say, breathe it in and feel what the idea means. Pretend for one moment it IS true so that you can experience the impact of this new idea in your life.


The present is not the result of the past, and the future is not the result of the present

If you want to change your whole life you can decide in this moment to be a different person. You can start right now to be 100% the new person you want to be and manifest the life that version of yourself has. You literally Fake it until you become it.


Now this may sound hard to you. If so that is ok let me give you some tricks that can help you maintain your new self.


tumblr_m2fmn2TgEI1qgh97yo1_500_large1. Physical Reality- One thing you can do is to change up your physical reality. Get a new set of clothes, redecorate, reorganize, or repaint. Redo your physical reality to remind you of the new vibration you are moving into as a person.


Transform the physical reality by putting up pictures, crystals and inspirational quotes around your home or work space to help stabilize and solidify the new you. Remove anything from your reality that doesn’t align with your new life as soon as possible.


2. People. Tell the people closest to you about who you are becoming now. Ask for their support for you as you practice each day being your new self. Ask for them to empower and support you in your growth and show them that you are different each day through your actions and support of them in their own growth. If you want support give support, its how the universe works best.


4600730973People accidentally become used to us being what they remember of us and sometimes aid the boxes in keeping us from growing.


If you are really struggling with getting support or supporting the growth of the people around you I recommend an amazing book about getting outside of the box and helping empower others as well called Leadership and Self Deception.


3. Shift to an Alternate Timeline. If you want your reality to change you have to allow it to change. Change your now focus, your now moment, your now reaction to this article, and then you will start seeing evidence each day that your reality is different. When you change yourself the people around you will begin to change too, support their change with love and encouragement.


HigherSelfReunion4. Live your new life! The more you shift your attention and focus into being the new you, the quicker your reality will start to look and feel different. The biggest thing I have done to change my life is to be myself, raw and unfiltered. You deserve the very best life and you are the one who can unleash yourself right now and begin to be the real you.


In the comments below I would love to hear about your experiences, your shifting and how you are going to live this now moment as the version of yourself that you want to be.


To a Better Now!


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