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Karma is an ancient belief of Hindu and Buddhist origins that states essentially this: What you do in this life will effect what happens to you in future lives. You reap what you sow in this world. The Law of Karma also applies to circumstances that happen in this life as well.


When you start building good Karma, bad things slowly stop happening to you. Accidents are avoided, and circumstances start to line themselves up in your favour. Building good Karma is not at all hard, and doesn’t require much effort or time. All it requires is good intentions. Here are 7 simple ways to build good karma in your everyday life:


1) Call or text someone you care about


We typically only text or call someone we care about when we need something. However, getting into the habit of extending ourselves to others simply for the sake of being supportive is a great way to improve your mood, improve the mood of the person you are helping, and build good Karma for yourself.


2) When you know someone is hurting, reach out to them


Do you have a friend or relative who is dealing with illness or has gone through some recent trauma? Send a card, write a nice post about them on your social media or simply stop by with coffee or flowers. You may not realize it, but the smallest gestures could mean the world to someone. Just being there for someone energetically is good way to earn yourself a few extra Karma points.


3) Hold doors open, and let other people go first in traffic


Many of us get very competitive when we are out in public without even realizing it. Everyone is trying to get to where they are going first, and so often people cut each other off in traffic and let doors slam in other people’s faces. When we start to yield to other people, not only do we reduce tension in the world, but we also tend to be rewarded with good traffic patterns and good timing in return.


4) Say please and thank you


This is a simple one. Using proper manners and respecting other people goes a long way energetically. This is an easy way to build good Karma many times each day.


5) Be kind to the earth


Treat the earth, and all of the wonderful creatures it has given birth to, with respect and kindness. Being resourceful, refusing to participate in the violation of animal life and the destruction of the rain forests, and using products that are sustainable is a good way to show the Universe that you are on its team.


6) Play with children


Take 10 minutes out of your day to play with your neighbours kids that are running on your lawn. So many people ignore children, chastise them or complain about them. Children are the most innocent and curious beings on this planet. Taking time to give them attention, play with them, and show them love is important. After all, they are the future of this planet.


7) Be kind to the elderly


Similar to children, elderly people today are often overlooked. If we wish to be cared for as we age, we must help those who are transitioning into the later years of life. Strike up a conversation with the elderly man at the store, or help out an older woman who looks lost. Taking time out to give positive attention to older people is a great way to build Karma for yourself for your future.


There are of course many other ways to build good Karma, but the most important thing to take away from this is to make sure you are heart and intentions are in the right place. If you perform a good deed in hopes of good Karma, you are still acting selfishly. It’s only when we act selflessly that we can start receiving rewards from the Universe.


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