Understand your body and mind.

Many times over the years, I have come across clients who have chronic injuries presenting to be treated, that have ocurred and re-ocurred over long periods of time. When asked why they have taken so long to do anything, the usual replies are that they were too busy, the injury was better after a few days so I didn't bother having it treated or they ignored the pain and continued doing the same things. In most cases that I see, when people choose to ignore an injury, they can return to their work or lifestyle for a while, especially if they are young, but the body will tell you in no uncertain way when it has had enough. Every time the injury happens, it seems to take only a minute movement to reinjure the same site and the pain and time of recovery is more intense and longer to recover. Once an injury occurs, it is difficult to bring a full recovery to the injury and a weakness exists to present when we are under stress and strain the next time.

Ideally, it would be beneficial for the client to seek treatment soon after the initial injury from a therapist to achieve best results. But I believe it is necessary to look deeper into why this injury has occurred and continuing to happen. What is going on in the client's life? Are they under stress? Is their work or lifestyle repeticious, boring- possibly depressed. Is there an emotional factor from their past that manifests when under stress causing injury? In other words, the client has to be seen in a holistic approach, recognising that these emotional factors can create injury and disease by the way of our internal dialogue in our mind and the resulting thoughts and words that result from this process. If those thoughts are positive, we are able to cope with what life brings us, we are energetic with a happy disposition, everything we do comes easily. Our body responds to this way of being by better flexibility, more endurance, it functions at its ideal state, we can use our body to perform functions that seem to require little effort. We are mentally more focused, alert, with a strong sense of purpose. As the saying goes" We are in the flow".

On the contrary, when we are full of fear, doubt, stressed, depressed, emotionally drained, we are listening to the negative dialogue in our mind and the thoughts and words we use will affect us in our beliefs and experiences. Of course, they will be negative and have an effect on all levels of our being-mentally, physically and spiritually. Everytime I have a client with shoulder problems, I bring up the idea that the shoulders can carry our emotional baggage on them, such as Atlas carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, so do people carry the weight of their emotional world on their shoulders. You can see the "light bulb moment" when they realise that what is happening in their life is affecting them. Their muscles tend to be tight, very little blood flow, painful, stiff, making their life miserable and unable to do basic things. In fact, many clients do not know what it feels to be relaxed, they have lived with stress throughout their body for so long it becomes the normal feeling for them. When I ask them to relax an area, clients find it difficult, even impossible to do it. I do this to create an awareness for the client , to become more in touch with their body and to help establish a basic understanding of relaxed and tight muscles. Once that becomes understood by the client, results from treatment are quicker and more lasting. This relaxing exercise helps improve their understanding of their body, and the power of thought and the value of positive thoughts and words to create positive actions physically, mentally and spiritually.

So when you have an injury, feeling stressed, unhappy with life, doing the same thing at work over and over, your mind has a million thoughts, take the time to explore your thoughts, the dialogue in your mind, listen to the soft voice in your head( the first voice rather than the second one) hear the words that you say(whether positive or negative), find some time to be alone with your thoughts in meditation and tune into your body to feel any sore or tense spots. Start from the top of your head and move down through your body to your toes, paying attention to any areas that feel tight or sore and spend some time in these areas until they feel relaxed. I wish you a happy, contented, positive life enjoyed on all levels of your being.



You Have All The Knowledge You Need

You Are God, though your understanding of God my need to shift before you really understand what I mean when I say that You Are God. It’s no wonder that people have such a hard time seeing God when they’re looking for someone else’s vision of God. In fact, good luck putting God into words in the first place, though I foolishly attempt that impossibility on a regular basis.

Something rather miraculous has happened to Humanity in the past couple hundred years. There has been increasing access to enormous amounts of knowledge. Writings that were long kept secret have been made public, and now with the advent of the internet, they’re easily accessible, even from a phone.

Everything from ancient mystic texts to cutting edge scientific studies is readily available, yet has all this access to such a wide array of knowledge gotten people any closer to God? Any closer to their own Divine Presence?

sacredbooksdisplayPart of the issue in dealing with such huge amounts of information is how do you separate fact from fiction? It’s plenty of work just to read it, how do you know you’re not wasting your energy on fantasies and propaganda? With all the contradictory information, it cannot all be true, and unfortunately this means people usually just go with what they want to believe. This is a very foolish thing to do if your goal is Truth. Truth is simply what Is, it very rarely fits into preconceived beliefs.

Lucky for you, you have all the knowledge you need. Divine Truths are no longer secret, but something horrible has happened to them, they’ve become cliché. They’ve been repeated until they’ve become mundane, dry repetition. I can say “GOD IS LOVE!” and people will agree with me, they can acknowledge that what I said is truth, but how many have the Living Experience of God Being Love in this Present Moment? Very few. This is part of why knowledge alone wont get you to God. An intellectual understanding isn’t enough, in fact it’s because people live in a world of intellectual understandings that the Divine seems separate from this Moment.

god-is-loveYou have a wealth of knowledge within you already that was created to assist you in rediscovering your Divine Nature. It’s been “hidden” in plain sight, it’s even in popular songs on the radio. “All You Need Is Love”, everyone has heard this, yet only a tiny few actually live that way. Another example of how knowledge alone isn’t enough.

Most spiritual teachers, they’re packed full of spiritual knowledge, filled with intellectual understandings of what you’re supposed to do to find God/Truth. That’s all it takes to be a spiritual teacher, it can be taught in the same way a person learns to be a doctor. You don’t have to walk the walk, you just have to talk the talk, then people who don’t know any better will actually pay for this spiritual knowledge. This is why there’s millions of Buddhists, yet an actual Buddha is an extreme rarity.

storm_connectedSpiritual knowledge can help you along the journey, but knowledge alone isn’t enough. You can’t learn your way to God, if simply knowing something was enough, most people would already be Self-Realized. Religion would bring Enlightenment instead of ignorance. There’s knowledge, then there’s what you do with the knowledge, and then there’s what you are Being. God is in the Being, knowledge can only follow Being, knowledge doesn’t preclude Being. When you put all your focus upon knowledge, the Being is missed, you’re just paying attention to your mind. This is why children are closer to God, their minds haven’t been filled full of knowledge yet.

Please don’t try to interpret what I’m sharing dualistically, I’m not saying knowledge is “bad”. If you believe knowledge is bad, all you’ve done is added another belief to your mind. Knowledge is what it is, simply an interpretation that follows experience. It’s an abstract thought, manipulation of experience into something that can be grasped by the mind. It’s not a bad thing, but believing knowledge is the path back to God just creates chaos and confusion, as humanity demonstrates on a daily basis. You aren’t going to reach the Unlimited with a limited mind.

83b44526349cd0ad861457f44331ef20For many that’s a rather disturbing thought, since their whole approach to spirituality, their whole approach to life, is all based in the mind. It’s like those old maps of the world, where the unknown parts were assumed to be filled with monsters. The mind is terrified of the unknown, the unknown is outside of the mind’s realm altogether. In fact the Ultimate aspect of God/You, the Unknowable, is completely impossible to know through the mind. This is why your Being, your Heart, and those Subtle Feelings, are so much more important than knowledge if you want to rediscover God.

The Secret to Becoming the New You Right Now

Take a look at your life, the things you like and the things you don’t like about your current reality. Do you want to change your entire life? Sometimes we feel stuck and we just need a little shift in perspective to begin to change our reality into something we are excited to experience.

Bp39zN1IEAAuDlWTo do this we need to change something. If you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results then you are experiencing the definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein. So what is it that we need to change?

Often the answer to life’s questions are contained in their opposites. What I mean by that is you have to shift your focus from what you have always done and look at the opposite action. If you keep doing what you are doing then you will keep getting what you are getting in life.

to-be-self-aware-1-inner-beauty-makeupChanging your thinking will work its way down into changing your life but in order to change your thinking often you have to open your mind to new ideas and concepts that are so far outside of your typical reality that they may seem strange or uncomfortable.

Being uncomfortable or feeling awkward is often the result of bouncing up against one of the walls of your mental boxes. We want to grow, expand our awareness, achieve our dreams and become more spiritual but in order to do this we have to redefine and remove our mental boxes.

So as a practice, tell your inner voice to listen to what I am about to say, breathe it in and feel what the idea means. Pretend for one moment it IS true so that you can experience the impact of this new idea in your life.

The present is not the result of the past, and the future is not the result of the present

If you want to change your whole life you can decide in this moment to be a different person. You can start right now to be 100% the new person you want to be and manifest the life that version of yourself has. You literally Fake it until you become it.

Now this may sound hard to you. If so that is ok let me give you some tricks that can help you maintain your new self.

tumblr_m2fmn2TgEI1qgh97yo1_500_large1. Physical Reality- One thing you can do is to change up your physical reality. Get a new set of clothes, redecorate, reorganize, or repaint. Redo your physical reality to remind you of the new vibration you are moving into as a person.

Transform the physical reality by putting up pictures, crystals and inspirational quotes around your home or work space to help stabilize and solidify the new you. Remove anything from your reality that doesn’t align with your new life as soon as possible.

2. People. Tell the people closest to you about who you are becoming now. Ask for their support for you as you practice each day being your new self. Ask for them to empower and support you in your growth and show them that you are different each day through your actions and support of them in their own growth. If you want support give support, its how the universe works best.

4600730973People accidentally become used to us being what they remember of us and sometimes aid the boxes in keeping us from growing.

If you are really struggling with getting support or supporting the growth of the people around you I recommend an amazing book about getting outside of the box and helping empower others as well called Leadership and Self Deception.

3. Shift to an Alternate Timeline. If you want your reality to change you have to allow it to change. Change your now focus, your now moment, your now reaction to this article, and then you will start seeing evidence each day that your reality is different. When you change yourself the people around you will begin to change too, support their change with love and encouragement.

HigherSelfReunion4. Live your new life! The more you shift your attention and focus into being the new you, the quicker your reality will start to look and feel different. The biggest thing I have done to change my life is to be myself, raw and unfiltered. You deserve the very best life and you are the one who can unleash yourself right now and begin to be the real you.

In the comments below I would love to hear about your experiences, your shifting and how you are going to live this now moment as the version of yourself that you want to be.

To a Better Now!

All beings are multi-dimensional including humans. Our problem is that we have forgotten our multi-dimensional nature and have been disconnected from much of ourselves. The variety of beings out there which you will become aware of through awakening your third eye and spiritual transformation is truly amazing. From nature spirits to angels to Extraterrestrials to huge beings maintaining the dimensions to the tiny beings in particles, there are beings everywhere. An explanation of the infinite variety of beings in existence is beyond the scope of any book as it is truly infinite. By awakening your spiritual senses you will inevitably become aware of many different beings and you will be able to communicate directly with them.

The communication used is telepathic although sometimes you may actually hear words. Generally telepathy involves the transmission of feelings which the receiver can then put into words much like a translation. There will always be information lost in translation just like when trying to explain to someone an experience you have had. Can they ever really know how you felt by your description alone? Can you know the taste of a piece of fruit by a description? You may get some idea but you can never know until you taste it. Indeed even with friends, loved ones and others here on earth telepathic communication could rid the world of so many misunderstandings.

When communicating with beings in other dimensions it is sometimes a good idea to save the translation for later. While communicating simply use the means available and wait until the end to try to put things into words. Telepathy and inter-dimensional communication is based on feelings. The reason most cannot communicate in this way is that they are not in touch with their feelings.

There are some beings that are working with humans here on earth who are helping with our spiritual transformation. These include Guides, Angels and Extra-Terrestrials. There are other multidimensional beings that can and do interact with us such as Animals, but these are the main ones that you will be in contact with and who will be helping with your spiritual awakening. For this reason I will give a brief description of these beings.


Guides are usually other beings who have incarnated as humans before. They are just like us accept they are not incarnated while they are your guide. They may or may not incarnate again on Multidimensional Beings | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Databaseearth but generally they have incarnated at least once before. They are fit to help guide you because they know what it is like to be here and they are not currently incarnated. They are essentially residing in their light body in higher dimensions and so they have a much broader view of reality. They are not distorted by the astral body so they can communicate with many levels, beings and dimensions clearly and with ease.

They have agreed to help guide you from the other side for this life. They are in contact with your own higher self and they know your purpose for incarnating on earth. They know a lot about you and your future and will help in whatever way they can for your highest good. However they cannot help you if you do not want them to or if what you ask is against your higher self’s purpose. All beings in higher dimensions respect your free will and it is a rule that they may not impinge upon it. If you ask them to help you they will certainly do all that they can (as long as what you ask for is within your highest good).


Angels are from higher dimensions and do not incarnate into matter. They are like creator’s messengers and healers. They will always come when asked and help to beings, multi-dimensional, spiritual transformation, spiritual, transformation, spiritual awakening, guides, angels, Light body, meditation, animals, higher selfheal you and send you love. As they come from higher dimensions of love and light they are unable to really feel and understand what it is to be human. They can send us love and healing and help to guide us through certain periods of life. They are essential when it comes to spiritual work as they send vital light and love to help heal our energy bodies, activate the Light body and repair its structures. Without their help spiritual transformation would be extremely slow if possible at all.

There are different types of angels with specific tasks. For example a certain group of angels play a huge role in pregnancy and birth. If you tune into a pregnant woman with your third eye you will see and feel a huge amount of gold light around her which is the light of these angels. Incarnation into matter is a very hard process for the incoming spirit and these angels are vital for the process.

In the last 20 years a huge number of angels and other beings have begun to help with our spiritual awakening and transformation. Prior to this it was far more difficult to make real progress as the energies needed to transform and activate our energy bodies were not here for us. 20 years ago it was extremely hard for an experienced meditator to have a past life experience. They would have to meditate away from the city for days and have the help of a connector before an experience could occur. Now with the help of so many angels and other beings it has become very easy for even a total beginner to have a past life experience first go. All that is needed are the simple techniques revealed in Past Life – Regression.

Through your practices you will quickly become aware of the presence of angels around you and you will be able to connect with them and communicate at any time. They are truly amazing beings…

Extra Terrestrials

etsExtra Terrestrials are any beings incarnated in the 1st to the 9th dimension that come from a planet other than Earth. There is an amazing variety of life in this universe and the number of life forms is nothing short of miraculous. There are civilizations and cultures living on and within many planets all over the universe. They come in all shapes and sizes such as insect like giants, dolphins or other humanoid beings. In all of the 9 material dimensions there is a birth and death experience as a being incarnates into the life form and eventually leaves. In higher dimensions it is not uncommon for beings to live for thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands. On these planets and in the dimensions inhabited by such long lived beings you would find places of amazing harmony and spiritual knowledge. To us these worlds would seem like heaven and in a sense they are. In fact compared to our lives on earth almost the entire universe is heaven from a dualistic point of view.

It is quite possible for humans to incarnate on other planets in between lives on earth. It is also possible for ETs to incarnate here for a life and this has occurred many times throughout history. However there is a group of beings who make up the human race and these are the ones who make up the vast majority of people here.

Some people who have recently incarnated on other planets may have strange memories of such a place and know very well that it was another planet. They may be able to telepathically connect with beings from the other planet or may be visited in dreams by these beings. It is not just the angels and guides that are helping us but also many ETs from many different planets and dimensions. The connections formed through a few of us having lives on other planets were to help ground some of the forces from various planets and dimensions onto earth.

multidimensional beingsThere are many ETs around earth at the moment in various spaceships and the like. Many are in higherdimensions and so cannot be seen but there are also ships that can become third dimensional. These ETs are mostly here to help us to shift into the 4th dimension and to see what has been happening here. We have been involved in something never tried before and the results will affect the entire universe (see A New Mythology). So we have aliens all around us and many of you will have connections with certain groups. These groups are here to help us and use what they know about healing to help heal our subtle bodies. During meditation and sleep you may be visited by various ETs, they will help heal you and speed up your spiritual transformation.


Animals are far more than meets the eyes. Most come from other areas of the universe and in a certain respect they are Extra Terrestrials incarnated on earth. The bodies they inhabit on their home planet may be completely different to their bodies here or may be very similar. As humans are involved in a reincarnation cycle on earth, each group of beings throughout the universe has there own reincarnation cycle. The beings of each cycle have a similar consciousness and have similar personalities. They are expressing a part of the creator simply by being themselves. All life is evolving to a certain extent and so as each group continues its incarnations it gradually changes and becomes more of itself. Individuals can incarnate into different cycles for a life and return to their cycle or even leave their cycle and join another one if they desire to do so but generally groups tend to stay together. The reason for this is that the individuals in a group all have a connection to the same being of higher consciousness. For example all humans have higher selves which have higher selves which have higher selves which eventually meet up with each other. We are in fact the expression of a huge being that incarnates through all of us. The same goes for other civilizations and groups of beings.

The interesting thing about earth is that the Human race has been doing something very unique which has never been done before (more on this in A New Mythology). Due to this it was necessary to have connections to all areas of the universe and to all types of consciousness. So the animals are beings from all over the universe incarnating into life forms here. You can tune into any animal including insects, birds, mammals, fish, etc and you can follow the consciousness of the animal to wherever they come from. Of course awakening your third eye will make this much more vivid but anyone can look at an animal and get a feel of its consciousness.

It is important here to understand that the animal’s spirit or higher self comes through its light body which like ours does not shine through with perfect clarity. Like us, animals have an astral body which incarnates through the etheric and physical bodies. The light body only has a tiny part actually incarnated in the physical and this part is obstructed by the astral body. To see the being behind the animal (the higher self and the connections to higher consciousness) you must follow its column above its head. Animals are in fact in greater contact with their higher selves than humans so they know where they come from. While asleep they dream of their home planet and maintain a conscious connection even while awake. The connections held by animals on earth have been essential for the work we have been doing. They are like grounding rods for high spiritual forces of light and consciousness.

Animals may seem to be less evolved than humans but if you were to see them on their home planets and in their multidimensional bodies you may realize that they are in fact very advanced. They have incarnated here into bodies that are very restricted and very much controlled by the instincts of the lower self as we reside in the 3rd dimension where matter is extremely dense. Remember that it is only a small part of them that resides within the body and as the instincts take control of their body in most situations many conclude that they are of lower consciousness than us intelligent humans. This is an illusion which was important for our purposes on earth.

Tuning into animals is probably the easiest way to awaken your spiritual senses and begin to feel the various higher forces that are a part of our world. All animals resonate with vast beings of higher consciousness and are but a part of these beings incarnating into the third dimension. They have come here to help us with our purposes and are all beings of infinite love and light.

The three parts BODY, MIND and SOUL need to be in complete harmony with each other to create balance, otherwise we create disharmony, stress and disease to our immune system. To bring peace and harmony back in order, we need to know what part each plays in the whole complete picture and to see what part is effecting our immune system and how they are connected to each other. When we achieve this we can live in perfect harmony without disease and discomfort throughout our lives, and live a peaceful lifestyle.

1. Firstly, we will start with the Body. In order to bring harmony back into the body we need to understand how the immune system works and what to feed the immune system. Begin by knowing the herbs/ spices/ fruits/ vegetables which can help to bring your physical body back into harmony and peace.

By knowing your natural medicines and feeding your immune system, it keeps most illness at bay, and by doing this it gives us a greater understanding, improves our way of life and starts healing our physical body. We need to feed the immune system natural fruits/vegetables/spices/herbs, not your Hybrid seeds or GM foods which is in a lot of our supermarkets already. Nothing good comes from supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths or any other large supermarket company. They have no goodness in them what so ever! That's why the world is getting sicker and sicker. Also, what we cook our food in, like the metals in cast iron and aluminium pots, have side effects and are bad for our immune system. By improving our immune system and helping our body we are able to deal with the other problems that cause discomfort, disharmony and disease such as our stress, worries, thoughts, troubles and our deepest fears that mainly come from the mind and the control it has over us until we take control back. Which leads to the second part- the Mind.

2. The Mind is what controls our fears, stress, troubles, burdens and worries. Inside of us, there is what the Buddha calls the two minds. We like to think of it as the "knowing mind" and the "controlled mind". The two minds are fighting against each other to take control. Throughout our life, starting from our birth, right up to who we are now, our mind has created fears from judgement, stress, anger, not having enough, pleasing others and so on. We create our fears through our thoughts and actions. We need to know the difference between the two minds in order to keep a balance, in saying that, most people listen to the loud voice to control them from within. The loud voice causes us discomfort, brings in fear and the "what if's", and finally brings disease into our bodies. If we listen normally to the softer, quieter voice inside us all, it will lead us in the right direction without the stress, disease and discomfort in our lives. In order to deal and release your fears, we find meditation works great or see someone to guide you through these steps and start releasing your negative views and energies. There are many different styles of meditation, find one that works for you or go to a group meditation and see how you feel. We will be doing Skype meditation on a weekly basis, check out our Events page.

3.The Soul/ Spirit. The more we meditate and bring the three parts, the Body, Mind and Soul together to be one, we bring back peace into our lives, as we learn to go past the "controlled mind" that controls us. When we listen to the softer, quieter Mind, doors to the Spiritual World start opening up to different dimensions and we start feeling more connected to different universal energies that are around us, which helps us to heal the physical body of any diseases or discomfort in our immune system. We also have a better understanding how Nature really works, you also have a better connection with all other life forms, because all animals, birds, insects, trees and plants pick up our fears. When we don't have those fears all of Nature reacts totally different and you can feel it within each of us and be able to live in harmony with all living things. As you can see it's very important to keep the balance of the Body, Mind and Soul in order to achieve this and when we do achieve this we are able to live life with more balance and harmony. When we are able to do this we make better decisions, live longer, normally happier and feel the inner peace around us on our spiritual journey of life. If you need help on any level take a look around this website and we are sure you'll find something to your liking, if not let us know and we'll fix the problem. Light, Love and Harmony to you all and may peace follow you always. Namaste

The return of Christ is the return of our Christ Consciousness, which is activated by the photon belt. The photon belt is the radiation and eminence of the Christ energy, which awakens humanity and ushers in the era of peace. This is the time of separating the wheat from the chaff. Humanity at this time has a choice to remain just as they are refusing to grow and expand their current level of being or we can choose to actively participate in our soul’s transformational process fully accepting and integrating the incoming energies of the Christ Consciousness. This is a personal choice where we choose through our own free will to no longer experience the negativity of 3rd dimensional darkness and choose to transform the density of our being into a light being where we put on our garments of light ascending into the higher vibrations of full consciousness, unity consciousness, unconditional love, peace, joy, harmony, spiritual abundance, health and healing. The divine plan is unfolding and the Earth and all beings, who choose, are rising in vibration and accepting the transformational energies of the Christ. This process has nothing to do with religion! It has everything to do with the level of our frequency or vibration and our desire to transform our current level of being into a more light filled one.